Jata Emona boasting more than 60 years of tradition in the intensive production of chicken table eggs, is the leading provider thereof in Slovenia. The beginnings of the poultry business date back to 1957. Since then, the company has undergone many organisational changes, from the initial production under the auspices of Perutninska Farma, to production within the Jata Reja joint stock company, which, in 2001, merged with Emona krmila (Emona Feedstuffs) to form the Jata Emona joint stock company.

The best eggs are the ‘Jajca izpod Kamniških planin’ (Eggs from under the Kamnik Mountains)

The ‘Jajca izpod Kamniških planin’ eggs are considered to be very special eggs. They boast a protected geographical indication (PGI), which is a real rarity in this category of food in the European Union. Their uniqueness is based on the unspoilt nature of the Kamnik Mountains, the tradition and cultural role played by the production of table eggs in this geographical area over the past 500 years, and the protective nature of food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Feedstuff for laying hens in the Kamnik region traditionally contains flaxseed, which is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Protective fatty acids are incorporated by hens into eggs, the consumption of which has a beneficial effect on our health.


The production of table eggs under the Jata brand (and under the brands of our customers) has always been of high quality due to local geographical and geomorphological factors, such as a favourable climate, high-quality drinking water and the use of minerals extracted from the heart of the Kamnik Mountains. Our in-house feedstuff production expertise and the geographical proximity of our feed mills are added thereto.

Our commitment to quality has been confirmed with the following certificates:

IFS - International Food Standard

Table eggs certificate.

Animal welfare and environmental protection

At Jata Emona d.o.o., all EU regulations, as well as consumer expectations regarding animal welfare are followed. We did not wait until the ban of enriched cages in 2027, but discontinued their use already 6 years before the implementation of this ban.

We are aware of the importance of reducing the environmental footprint of our activity. That is why every opportunity to reduce the consumption of resources (feedstuffs, energy, packaging, water, labour) is utilised. Our investment and development efforts are also shaped by the sustainable rearing desire. The issue of using chicken manure has been mostly solved by drying and pelletising the manure. This has allowed us to obtain a high-quality and practically useful by-product from a previously environmentally problematic waste: a pelletised organic fertiliser of excellent quality, Bogatin.

Processing of table eggs

We are the only Slovenian producer of table eggs, which carries out production in the egg processing plant in accordance with veterinary and sanitary procedures. This ensures safe production and a safe product.

The main activity of our plant is the production of pasteurized egg products and frozen components.

The following types of egg products are produced: egg melange, egg yolks, egg whites and salted or sweetened egg products.

In the plant, incoming raw materials, as well as the entire technological process and finished products are monitored. All production processes have been set up according to HACCP principles. The wholesomeness of products is ensured using internal and external control and microbiological analyses.

Our relationship is built on the values on the basis of which the customer trusts us and because of which also knows us.

The finished product of processed eggs in fresh or frozen form is sold directly or indirectly on the Slovenian and European markets, where it is essential to adapt to the production standards of international trade.

Pasteurised egg melange

We produce fresh egg melange, packed in 5, 10, 20 kg bag and box bags and in 900 kg transport containers.

Pasteurised egg yolks

We produce fresh and salted egg yolks, packed in 5, 10, 20 kg bag and box bags and in 900 kg transport containers.

Pasteurised egg whites

We produce fresh and frozen egg whites, packed in 5, 10, 20 kg bags and boxes and in 900 kg transport containers.

Advantages of pasteurised egg products:

  • Safer to use than fresh eggs, as heat treatment destroys all pathogenic bacteria. Pasteurisation preserves all the functional properties of egg products.
  • Consistent quality, because the production practice complies with the principles of the HACCP system.
  • Reduced preparation time and simple use.
  • Microbiological product safety.
  • Aseptic filling of products.
  • Utilisation of functional properties in the preparation of dishes such as: coagulation, foaming and emulsification.
  • The IFS Food standard certificate attesting to the commitment of the company to achieving goals and fulfilling legal obligations, protecting the interests of consumers and offering safe products that comply with contractual specifications and legal requirements has been obtained for quality and safety purposes. A higher-level certification, which is a benchmark of best practice for the food industry, has been obtained.
IFS - International Food Standard

IFS egg processing certificate:


The liquid egg products produced are used in various food industries such as: pasta, bakery, confectionery, production of ice cream, mayonnaise, dressings, baby food, premixtures for pastries, liqueurs, diet and sports nutrition, and catering.